What do we sell?

Skateboard Griptape

We sell Skateboard griptape on amazon for $13.99 incuding free shipping with amazon prime members. 9 by 33 inches

Shoe Laces

Virtually unbreakable shoe laces. Perfect for sports such as running, skateboarding, scootering, and much more. The shoe laces are priced at $6.99. They are easy to install and they are waterproof. Doesn't fray when wet. 

Skateboard signs

Great decoration for room or any part of the house. The skateboard signs are made from german license plates. They are also handmade in the United States. The skateboard sign is $29.98

Custom Text Bamboo Straw

Another product that we sell is custom text bamboo straws. On these straws you can put whatever text you would like such as your name, company, or other. These are priced at 14.98 on amazon.

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