Griptape, shoe laces, and more!

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Hello my name is Logan Farmer and I am the owner of lifelike. I created this company in 2017 as a griptape company. I then decided to expan my company and sell other products. I am constantly working on LifeLike and coming up with new products / designs. You can also find me on instagram @loganskaterfarmer.

Frequently asked questions.

Do you charge shipping on your products?

Good question. We mainly sell our products on amazon using amazon prime. If you have amazon prime a majority of our products have free shipping. 

Do you sell on anything else besides amazon?

Yes we sell our griptape on ebay and we can also do orders through direct messages on instagram but our main focus is amazon. 

What are your social medias for LifeLike?

We have a instagram account and a facebook @lifelikegriptapeco

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